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2014-05-27 10:58 am
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Prompt Fest 2014

Fandom/s: Sinfonia di Fantasia, Warm Snow, Breakout!, 7th Heaven, Bloody Yuletide, Skybound, No Entry, Project: Eden, Crossroads
Word Count: 25,701
Rating: Various
Warning/s: death, implied sex
Summary: I have perfected #TheArtOfNeverMovingOn.
Disclaimer: All characters belong to their respective RP-ers.
Note: I... have a lot of feelings for this particular prompt fest. Mainly because I was presented the opportunity to dig deeper into my original characters' stories, even opening an entirely different horizon (for some) altogether. It's also going to be my last one before a long hiatus (because of real life shit), so this... this is special.